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Hi family happy New Year!

This year we are going to go hard in the paint for art, activism and #TRUTH. Use my artwork and imagery as a badge of honor, a war cry, a shield, a poster, at your rallies, at your riots at your government meetings. Use them for your activism and make sure to quote, cite and bill me as it's creator! We need to push forward, and get #EXTREME about fighting #RACISM #POVERTY #PEDOPHILIA #DIGITALRIGHTS #INTELLECTUALPROPERTY #INVESTORS #IRS #INJUSTICE #FRAUD #GREED #BADCOPS #RETALIATION IN ALL THEIR FORMS!

This month's focus will be on the empty galleries I have up (gun digest, kennel club, etc) and about old school memories to reignite your passion for childhood inspiration to help you have new ideas on old topics. My research is still ongoing and the government is in a transition and has been horribly slow to pay me for my information as an informant and as a content creator for it's cabinet and leaders. I need the people to hold them accountable because they are holding ALL OF OUR DIGITAL RIGHTS HOSTAGE IN THE #PNW.

The #Facebook facility in Prineville, Oregon is a trade scam, this is not the first out here. Our data and #digitalart and #personaldata is stored here and trafficked and the facility is breached and I have reported to no avail. #intel ronler acres fire alarms are cut, severed and damaged in multiple locations. I called the facility to warn them and inform and they covered it up. This is a federal plant connected to local city water sources and it is leaking toxic semiconductor chemicals into the water supply and it's making people sick.

Silica is a big factor here and it's refineries out here in the fab are sending harmful chemical and dust into everything and I have published those findings on video to #tiktok and #twitter and no rescue has arrived. Intel is dead in the water due to trade fraud and police stupidity.

We need too work together to protect our #digitalfrontier; that fabled landscape we used to talk about in the 90s when #webtv first came out and #tivo. #Julianassange is coming and we need to secure the landscape around our data and information as artists, representatives, liaisons and activists to ensure his case is not breached before it begins and to catch the real criminals who hide in middle class positions while committing corporate acts of unspeakable terror across Israel at #appliedmaterials #isrealintel fab which is under threat and assault and it's people there are left to defend for themselves.

Lastly, I would ask that the world hold #vernonia otherwise known as #mengleville in it's sight and investigate the town. They pride themselves on having sectors known as "nigger town", "polack town", "chinkville" and "burnalley" and I was the 6th black person to ever survive living there and my daughter and her dad are there and the landscape needs to change. They are skilled remote viewers who insider trade and use remote viewing to steal property and use cloning as a means of breeding in hereditary families and operate outside the law in a "sesso" landscape where bars and strip clubs are next to schools and you have fat donut eating cops in charge of every prison who use "gangstalking as a means of law and order. The judges have been de-benched for alcoholism, drunk driving and adultery yet they are all paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to hunt me and other reporters down and kill them. THIS MUST STOP.

We have to show people we will not tolerate EXCLUSIONARY TACTICS, OUR DATA AND CHILDREN MATTER.

Thank you for your support, I filed child support on #billgates and let's get the party started! Thanks 2023 and all my #deviantart family and global #agents #reps #cia #fbi #judges #lawyers for your support, but it needs to be public says #goaskalice my publisher. Thanks and adieu!


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