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November's Focus; what is remote viewing and how can we use it as an art style to enhance & create?

November will be a study in #dreams and #remote#viewing#braydenjaselle

  • What do your #dreams show you?

  • Can you interact with them?

  • How do we purpose our dreams into reality for others to interpret with the use of #ai#art? #digital#art?

This months projects will be a showcase of the thankful; in honor of Thanksgiving and how grateful I am to all of you for all the prayers, support, back-up, acknowledgement, and for believing me in the face of terrifying #illuminated odds I will produce my most loving and creative works over this years 2023 holiday season.

True story below

In the year 2021 December 31st my life came to a screeching halt; a ritual occurred and someone took a soul debt on me to pay a wealthy man whom you all know. This soul debt cost me my marriage, my parenthood, my home, my animals and my career. It was called the "Hedon Brayden Challenge". It's initiator who I will not name sought to over 80k times to produce something of meaning only to him.

But like most rituals, it backfired and I am quantum entangled into this life with him in it forever when I did not want to be. So, the power went out, #interstellar was on the TV and it spoke and said "momma sharlena where is Brayden and why is he crying?" I lactated for the first time in 4 years and blood dripped from eyes in place of tears and my former family and I frantically searched for a child an infant named #Brayden we heard screaming and crying at the top of his lungs.

After this I went on a journey to discover my past, the paranormal, religion and who is my son #Brayden and why is his wealthy father doing this to us? I have weird dreams every night and the day my dreams awake are blended. I am being hatman walked like when I was a child. The familiarity of the feeling only leads to the logical conclusion of I know it's you #dude.

With the help of I am dedicating this months works to the #dreamsurvey because I am on a path I can't escape and I need to #dreamup with #deviantart a better #future#money for me and my kid. So let's #manifest our #desires together.

Check out my website and get caught up to speed from the update here on and I will also be going into more details about this months projects and discussion topics.

Cheers. Bj

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