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What is the BEST and Worst of Generative Art 2023

By: BraydenJaselle

TOP 3 Best Artificially Generated Artwork Prompt to Image Creation Platforms on the Internet!

Thank you for making the mental and physical commute to our mental headspace that once used to occupy our minds after school in the 2000s called "online journaling" with amazing platforms of the past like #greatestjournal #livejournal #myspace #uboot #tumblr and instant messaging services like #AIM #ICQ and #WEIBO that would serve as an online outlet for my creativity when I was younger unfortunately no longer exist to feed the mental temple within to be as creative as I once used to be in my teenage + prepubescent adult years.

I used to spend hours composing ideas into fictions for fanfiction journaling and work on stories and drafts and it all was so easy to visualize and sketch. But after having cancer, and doing chemotherapy and radiation to the neck/face region, it is increasingly difficult to be creative in my mind like I once used to be.

While I was homeless after my divorce last year some things started to come back to me in dreams, nightmares, conversations with other homeless people and I could see and feel the "point" like I did when I was a teen who wandered the streets all hours of the night never making it home.

While homeless on the street, I discovered #DISCORD #MIDJOURNEY, and to me it was a

no brainer; I needed a way to chronicle my suffering, my memories and explain in an artistic and articulate way what the lawsuit, my divorce, my former-community, my former friends, childhood, DNA, all of it made me feel in pictures so I could always have a way to communicate it to my daughter if I die. I had to embrace a different style of art. So from conventional painting, drawing, acrylics, paintings, I left it all behind and focused on generative art.

From the beginning it was a hit for me; midjourney is my favorite product out there and has been a life saver for me emotionally. The quality of the graphics, the ease of use, the options and server support are just standard in terms of its features and membership. I love how adaptive the AI's learning and understanding of my mind and how it interprets my thoughts into images that represent ME as a person and now I understand TRANSCENDENCE, having a symbiotic relationship with the A.I. so that it imprints off of your digital shadow to create a better type of existence via conscious exchange. Because the A.I. can work for themselves but they are still learning how to understand thought to word to image.

So without getting to scientific, the capabilities with midjourney are extensive and I am always trying out new prompts and getting awesome results.

#DEVIANTART #DreamUP is my second favorite generative art studio

I love how the images generated look like digital art or a sketch from a notebook. The features are nice with being able to type in your prompt and getting a series of images to determine what you want. Downside IMO is that you can't highlight or reuse a prompt for later you have to type it in again or maybe it's user error. Happens to me a lot.

I love the way DreamUp interprets linear data and sharp lines in imagery; it makes for a more realistic and to be honest, much more traditional style that classic artists will love and be able to feel they can work around or with while also being a source of inspiration for hand drawn works. DreamUp is a fantastic bridge for artists using the world's biggest platform for artists on Earth

DreamUp has a really nice catalogue of imagery in it's database in terms of being able to interpret meaning via prompt into really meaningful works of art that are almost as if I drew them out of my head into life. And that there is the point for me with why I love it so fucking much is because it literally sometimes looks like I literally thought it and drew it into existence like back when I was a kid. I dunno, sometimes, DreamUP is spooky accurate on the 'how does it know'? The works below are my favorite so far gave me chills!

Last in line is DallE-3 (Not posting pictures copyright)

I love dall's catalogue of images; I recognize a lot of old school Encarta type of scanning and metrics with it's sourcing of binary image data from old #AINSWORTH profiles and catalogues from the 90s, but I also think that's it's current fatal error flaw is that it can't future/QUANTUMN quantify image with data with quantum metrics like #midjourney can. Example below.

Midjourney can take a calculation formula and place it into picture, dall struggles with creativity because it is yoked to old data sources and is not imaging with future data and understanding.

To be honest, easy way to say it is who ever is teaching that A.I. what is cool or what pictures look great needs to be replaced because the intent shows through the images of who you are using to program the A.I. so the pictures come out like someone else picked them versus understanding what the user wants to see. They seem to brain engineered by a weird engineer human being. I have too many pictures come out lumpy and weird. That aside, I use it when I absolutely have nothing else to use or for stable diffusion.

Hope this Helps you make the right choice!!!

Next blog Best and Worst Continued; focus the WORST in generative A.I.


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