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The Full Story

About ME.

You're not gonna get it all here. 

But I can give you a little taste of

the real me. We don't have to agree on what the meaning of truth is, about a person, but we can at least come together to make the world with ai a better place then some where that allows hatred to happen.



I win a landmark racial justice and discrimination lawsuit called


Sharlena Roberts-Oviatt vs. OEG.


I become an engineer.


I get divorced.


I am homeless.


I get molested.

I got abused.

I turned it into art.


2023 -NOW IN-2024

I am not going to waste another moment in my life pretending to be who someone wants me to be when they aren't willing to give me what I want either.

  I am

  1. ambitious

  2. energetic

  3. driven

  4. creative

  5. a fast-thinker

  6. underdog

  7. beautiful

  8. artistic

  9. empathic

  10. sensual

  11. dancer

  12. musicologist

  13. painter

  14. generative artist

  15. reporter

  16. mandatory reporter

  17. odds-beater

  18. cancer-survivor

  19. mother

  20. best-friend to a few good people

  21. inventor

  22. trailblazer

  23. Who Else Could You Want for your Next Design Campaign?

  24. Research Project

  25. Generative Design Campaign 

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